Aqua PFAS Monitoring Results

Aqua PFOA/PFOS Monitoring

As a part of Aqua’s commitment to ensuring the ongoing health and safety of our customers, we are proactively conducting regular testing of our water sources in areas of eastern Montgomery County impacted by groundwater contamination from PFAS originating from nearby military bases. Aqua routinely updates its findings for PFOA and PFOS and shares them here so customers can stay informed.

Additionally, Aqua continues to move forward with our plan to address PFAS in the anticipation of regulations. Our PFAS action plan employs a tiered approach, starting with systems of highest PFAS concentrations and evaluating the best actions. This plan includes:

Developing this action plan for all sources is ongoing and may take some time due in part to the regional and interconnected nature of our systems, which require coordination with various local, state and federal stakeholders. As an industry leader, Aqua remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing this issue, and we look forward to the EPA and DEP ruling further guiding our actions.

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