Timeline of Key Developments

PFOS and PFOA EPA Health Advisories

  • JANUARY 8, 2009EPA Publishes Provisional Health Advisory
    • Short-term adverse health effects
    • PFOS: 200 ppt  • PFOA:  400 ppt
  • MAY 19, 2016EPA Issues a Lifetime Drinking Water Health Advisory
    • Long-term adverse health effects
    • PFOS + PFOA: 70 ppt

PFOA/PFOS Events Detection

  • JANUARY 2013EPA Monitoring Begins With Higher Limit
  • DECEMBER 2015EPA Monitoring Concludes
  • FEBRUARY 2016Bristol Monitoring Follow-Up
  • APRIL 2016Horsham Interconnect Monitoring
  • MAY 2016EPA Changes Health Advisory
  • JULY 2016 - PRESENTMonitoring in Bucks and Montgomery Counties
  • FALL 2016Developed in-house analytical capability in Bryn Mawr lab
  • FALL 2017GAC filter treatment operating at Chalftont well #8
  • SPRING 2018GAC filter treatment operating at Hatboro well #9
  • MAY 2018Aqua participates in National Leadership Summit by the EPA on PFAS
  • JUNE 2018CDC Releases Draft PFAS Toxicological Findings
  • JUNE 2018Aqua only water utility lab certified in PA and NJ for PFAS
  • JULY 2018Aqua participates in EPA’s Listening Session in Horsham, Pa.
  • JULY 2018North Hills well taken offline, on a temporary basis, with goal of taking it offline permanently or installing treatment